• Redefining Banking Experience

    Axis Bank
    • Redefining

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      Client : Axis Bank

    • The Challenge Axis Bank came to us with a challenge of revamping their website to make it customer-centric, aesthetically pleasing and effective enough, so customers could get an overview of products, compare them and apply for the ones that suit them, online. With Axis Bank catering to multiple target audiences like personal banking customers, business banking customers and NRIs, it was important to streamline all the information, eliminate duplication and still ensure that each segment had easy access to its relevant products and services.

      The Approach Our first step in this project was to list down all the content links, mark out the redundant ones and validate the same with relevant teams at the client end. Since the earlier website had been updated by multiple users and product teams at different points in time, there were consistency and logical information flow issues that needed to be sorted out. This was achieved through workshops and discussions with the relevant product teams. Once we had a perspective on all the required information and sections, we set about creating the Information Architecture and wireframes, which would then be used as a basis for the design and content of the templates. In parallel, we also developed a content strategy and design manual which would enable us to maintain a consistent tone as well as look and feel throughout the duration of the project.

    • Axis Bank
    • Solution:

      • We created a responsive website that achieved a balance between the customer and business requirements. While customers’ interest and expectations took forefront, we also ensured that the website had sections to display information important from a business point of view, upfront.
      • A mega menu along the lines of ecommerce best practices was created so customers could get an overview of the complete range of banking product offerings at one go.
      • New sections were created for offers, deals, shopping, etc. which were of more interest to the customer. We also set up a blog that would host articles, tips and interesting insights for customers. This was done to break away from the usual product specific information.
      • Information about the banking products was structured in a manner that was visibly interesting, without compromising on details. We divided it into tabs and included a separate section for quick links and prominent calls to action. This could then be updated basis the information that needed to be shared.
      • We built comparison functionality for products like savings bank accounts and credit and debit cards, where customers would want to compare various factors before selecting the product they wished to apply for.
      • Some content elements were personalized in the form of a ‘You recently visited’ section where customers could get easy access to the sections they had checked before.
      • Icons for better understanding, relatable, aspirational banner imagery and prominent calls to action made the website seem closer, friendlier and action-oriented to customers.
      • Across the website, we wrote copy that was action oriented and directly communicated the benefit of the action to customers.

      The Result: The result is a lively, tactile website that actively presents itself to the customers, with information that’s useful and relevant, rather than having them spend too much time looking for what they need. The content management system also makes it possible for dynamic content to be edited, checked, approved and uploaded without any duplication.

    • Axis Bank
    • Axis Bank
  • Branding & Experience Design

    Exide Life Insurance
    • Branding &

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      Client : Exide Life Insurance

    • The Challenge Exide Life Insurance wanted to digitally support their large number of new initiatives, and reach out to new customers. They were finding it difficult to meet changing business demands, through their existing digital assets. This led to the need for a dynamic, yet agile website that could be updated easily to meet changing market conditions.

      The Approach With our expertise in UI and UX, backed by a strong sense of good design and aesthetics, we decided to break away from traditional, cluttered and static web design strategies. By analyzing customer needs and behavior as well as business requirements, we arrived at the appropriate roadmap for a customer experience platform that was quintessentially modern, scalable and modular.

    • Excide Life
    • The Solution:

      • We built a responsive website, using Sitefinity technology, to simplify complex life insurance concepts, make information easy for customers to access and understand and enable customers to conveniently get a quote.
      • Sitefinity technology was effectively leveraged to offer personalize content as per specific target groups to align with the company’s strategy of offering customized solutions and unique features.
      • A customer profiling feature was used to display personalized content based on a customer’s past visits.
      • We built a device agnostic platform that could be seamlessly implemented and used across smartphones, phablets, tablets, desktops and laptops.
      • To ensure compliance, we built an additional ‘workflow’ feature in the Content Management System. Two levels of authorization were integrated in order to ensure that documents and information were only published after due diligence.
      • Copy that gets right to the point and design that is vibrant and uncluttered gave the website a refreshingly new age, yet simplistic feel.

      The Result: The result was a cutting edge website that functioned as a robust knowledge center covering all important information and details about insurance as well as a simplified online claim filing and In the first six months post-launch, the company achieved:

      • 31% increase in mobile traffic
      • 39% increase in visits from tablet devices
      • 13% drop in average mobile visit duration (because customers quickly found what they needed)
      • 39% increase in mobile traffic
    • Excide Life
    • Excide Life
  • Accelerating Online Transaction

    ICICI Lombard General Insurance
    • Accelerating

      • - Strategy
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      • - Engineering

      Client : ICICI Lombard General Insurance

    • The Challenge ICICI Lombard General Insurance, India’s leading private general insurers, came to us with a challenge to create a website that reflects its position as an industry leader and elevates their online business to a new level. Some key requirements were to increase the number of leads captured online, reduce the number of drop-outs, increase the time that users spent on the website and increase the number of policy purchase and renewal transactions on the website.

      The Approach We started with a requirement gathering that included all the different stakeholders. The focus was to get a perspective on how customers purchased the product, where the gaps in understanding were and what were the major pain points. Once we had this clarity, we realized how customers’ temperament while buying different types of insurance was different, e.g. they preferred to research a lot more while buying health insurance, motor insurance was usually done on-the-go via mobile, etc. These insights were used as a basis to create personas, wireframes, designs and buying flows. We also strove to maintain the right balance between the brand’s larger proposition of ‘Nibhaye Vaade’ and specific online proposition of Quick-Easy-Smart.

    • ICIC Lombard
    • The Solution:

      • We created a responsive website and designed every unique template in a manner that there was at least one element that each target persona would find useful.
      • Information was restructured to give it a logical flow and UI elements like carousels, accordions, etc. were implemented to make the information seem visibly simple and yet include all the necessary details.
      • We demarcated the transactional and exploratory sections of the website by including icons in buying flows and transactions, so as to enhance clarity and get the process completed quicker. On the other hand, in the informative pages, we used real-life imagery to establish an emotional connect with the customers and build trust in the brand.
      • Use of icons in the buying flows and breaking them down into smaller chunks of relevant fields helped us make forms a lot less tedious. Instructional as well as error copy was written in a manner that very warm and friendly.
      • All content was made conversational and care was taken to ensure that it was in line with all the compliance requirements and guidelines.
      • To increase the number of customers purchasing and servicing their policies online, features like a floating contact section, prominent Get Quote call to action and floating section for help and customer support were implemented across the website.
      • Detailed information about each product was accompanied by sections for FAQs, customer reviews and testimonials, to ease customers’ doubts and apprehensions and help them arrive at a decision quicker.

      The Result: The results is a sleek, vibrant website that makes is simple and convenient to get information about different insurance products, get quote and complete the entire purchase process online. It exemplifies the brand’s online proposition of Quick-Easy-Smart.

    • ICIC Lombard

      Gave them the ability to use their blog traffic and organic traffic to drive more customers to their core Redfin products.

  • Digital Customer Experience

    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
    • Digital

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      • - Engineering

      Client : ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

    • The Challenge Life insurance has always been more of a push product, than a product that consumers look out for and buy. This led to ICICI Prudential Life Insurance facing a challenge while leveraging their online presence to increase business. It was necessary to create a digital customer experience platform that was effective, engaging and actually helped customers to complete their tasks. The online platform needed to fill-in the role of an advisor or agent, who usually drove the sales process offline. Another important challenge was to create a seamless, consistent experience across its existing three digital platforms, namely, the website, a separate portal for agents and partners and a mobile site that was a drilled-down version of a website.

      The Approach With a customer-centric strategy, backed by intense requirement gathering, we developed personas for each type of user, namely, the existing customer, potential customer and agent. Each unique template was conceptualized keeping in mind the different target audience personas and content was planned in a manner that each of them found something useful.

    • ICIC Prudential Life Insurance
    • The Solution:

      • We revamped the website to build a customer experience platform that effectively integrated all the information and transaction flows.
      • Design was kept simple and clean, with a good balance of icons (to make things clear without becoming text-heavy) and real images (to create emotional connect and trust).
      • We made sure the design focused on elements that connected with customers at an emotional level and enhanced the trust in the brand.
      • The design was simple, consistent and clear so as to minimize the customer’s effort while understanding information and taking the required action.
      • A mega menu created as per ecommerce best practices provided easy access to the required information and a logical overview of the vast amount of information on the website.
      • Tools and calculators as well as forms were redesigned to make them more pictorial, interesting and less tedious to look at and fill.
      • Copy was kept friendly, conversational and jargon-free. Though the product is sold in the context of an untoward incident, this was communicated very subtly. We focused on the aspect of investing to achieve financial goals and live a good life, while continuing to protect the future.

      The Result: The end result is a responsive website that caters to potential customers, existing customers and partners or agents. It essentially functions as an all-India branch, equipped to serve customers anytime, anywhere. Since it’s responsive, it can be accessed across devices and platforms. Products have been pitched as solutions to customers’ requirements at different life stages, thus successfully establishing an emotional connect with the customers and increasing business and engagement online.

    • ICIC Prudential Life Insurance
  • Home Delivery System

    • Home

      • - Strategic Consulting
      • - Experience Design
      • - Mobility
      • - E-commerce

      Client : McDonald's

    • The Challenge Our brief for the McDonald’s delivery system was to make ordering a burger almost as easy as just picking it off the phone screen. The objective was to increase orders through digital channels as opposed to orders over the phone.

      The Approach After a thorough analysis of the user journey, we created task flows that were logical and eliminated the unnecessary steps. While minimizing the steps and making the ordering process quick and effective, we made sure we met the business requirements of lead capturing (by integrating registrations in the first step itself) and increasing the ticket size of the online purchase (by showcasing the combos upfront). Use of the appropriate user interaction elements made the app feel smooth and sleek to use. At the back-end, the app was integrated with the in-store kitchen system, to eliminate duplication of effort and ensure seamless placement and delivery of the orders.

    • McDonald
    • The Solution: We created an app for iOS and Android operating systems app with the following features:

      • 2-step registration process, authorized via SMS.
      • Facility to register multiple addresses like residence and office, to eliminate the need to type them out with each order.
      • Allow users to place home delivery as well as dine-in orders, so that even their in-store dining experience was convenient and hassle-free.
      • Let users schedule the delivery of their order for a specific date and time.
      • Menu separated into categories like Burgers and Wraps, Sides, Combos, etc. to let customers get to the item of their choice, without needing to go over the entire menu.
      • Option for users to customize the item, add extras as well as replace items in their combo orders, wherever possible. Extra charges, if applicable were displayed right there.
      • Make it easy to place bulk or party orders through just a single form.
      • Authentication of order via SMS, and option to choose between online payments or cash on delivery.
      • Error messages and instructions written in a personalized and friendly manner.

      The Result: The app received XXXX downloads within XXXX months. In XXXX months, XXXX percent of total orders were through the McDelivery app.
      We also won the XXXXX award for XXXXX for the McDelivery app.

    • McDonald