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Prachi Jain

Think of a world where you don’t need a separate testing environment, where you can test everything in production and capture valuable data that helps you improve along the way.

At any moment, your code that worked today could be broken by someone else’s changes, and you wouldn’t even know until your changes got deployed. I get that some people write unit tests, but from all the teams I’ve been on, only a few have actually given developers time to put them in place. How much does that cost a company in time and money?

You’ve probably come up against these issues yourself. How have you dealt with them?

Feature flags affect the entire organization; not just developers. While developers stand to gain the most in terms of a more blissful developer experience (home time with your family is important!), literally every part of the business, including the product development process, seek to benefit from the widespread use of feature flags.

Feature Flags: Be Truly Agile

Feature Flags are pretty simple but a powerful idea for allowing constant deployment of applications without interrupting users in production and without the business even being aware. Feature flags are truly revolutionary and completely fixed many issues my team ran up against with an Agile development process.

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