• Strategic Consulting

      We chart intelligent roadmaps to your digital success.

      In today’s new-age networked landscapes, your customers are getting more tech savvy than ever. In addition to a thorough understanding of the digital environment and its business implications, it is important to be well-versed in technology and envision the advantages of a digital transformation.

      We help you rethink and realign every business aspect to leverage technology and win in the digital space.

      Our Service Offerings:

      • Digital maturity benchmarking with respect to industry leaders and closest competitors
      • Experience marketing strategy for traditional and digital-native businesses
      • Development or revamp strategy for website, mobile, or wearable platforms
    • As the business environment evolves in response to device proliferation among customers and a steady upsurge of social media, mobile, analytics and cloud, there is a marked move towards going digital.

      To create a competitive advantage in the digital environment, your business needs to strike the right balance between building digital capabilities and having an overall perspective on digital possibilities. Having worked with businesses from diverse sectors, we understand what it takes to increase efficiency and profitability by using technology optimally.

      We help you rethink and realign every business aspect to leverage technology and win in the digital space.

      Our strategies help you to effectively re-engineer your business activities and processes to align with a digital-driven approach thereby creating a competitive advantage.

      We enable effective digital transformation for businesses and brands with strategies backed by a customer-centric approach, expertise in technology and robust understanding of branding and experience marketing.

    • Strategy Capabilities

      “Great strategy is what builds a foundation for success tomorrow, while still powering your goals today.”

      Snehal, Group Account Manager

    • Branding

      We create digital experiences that define the brand

      Brands, today, are built on experiences. We specialize in building strong brands online and getting them up, close and personal with customers through delightful experiences. Digital experiences are an expression of what your brand stands for and we make sure they’re driven by a brand behaviour strategy that we arrive at, after a focused brand key analysis.

      Our Service Offerings:

      • Brand Essence Analyzer
      • Brand Behaviour Strategy
      • Brand Identity and Visual Language
      • Brand Behavior Guide
    • Customers of the digital era don’t distinguish between a brand’s physical and online presence; they expect a seamless experience across both. New-age brand building is all about customer interactions and to succeed in the digital space, brands need to be built bottom-up, with each digital experience being an element that contributes to building the brand. We begin by defining your brand philosophy, value proposition and experience commitment. Next, we formulate a brand behaviour strategy to transform your brand into an experience brand.

      We enable your brand to become a part of the customer’s life, solve problems and make tasks simple; across channels and devices. Carrying out brand key analysis, defining the visual identity and creating branded digital customer experiences are some areas we specialise in.

    • Branding Capabilities

      “It feels great that every digital experience I create is a building block; growing some brand, somewhere, always.”

      Shefali, UI Designer

    • Experience Design

      We design simple, delightful customer experiences.

      Let your customers delight in simple, hassle-free experiences every time they connect with your brand. Backed by UI/UX expertise and precise customer journey mapping and analysis, we help you power quick and seamless digital experiences across website, mobile and e-commerce platforms.

      With an understanding of branding we ensure that each digital experience constitutes to building your brand. And our sound knowledge of technology helps us implement these branded digital customer experiences seamlessly, across various platforms and devices.

      Our Service Offerings:

      • User-centred Analysis
      • Experience Strategy
      • Visual Design
      • Interaction Design
    • The shift to technology has created many more digital touch points and different ways in which customers interact with brands.

      Each of these digital experiences define your brand in the minds of your customers and make it imperative for you to offer consistent, engaging experiences across various devices and platforms. Our team of experienced visual designers works to convert wire-frames into highly intuitive user interface designs.

      With an exposure and access to world class digital platforms, your customers have very high expectations from the digital experiences you offer and we make sure you live up to them. Our user experience design services believe in creating new age designs with visual language which is in harmony with the brand philosophy and client objectives.

      Our team of UI and UX experts transforms your brand into an experience brand by carrying out usability assessments, defining target audience personas and creating end-to-end digital experiences to engage customers and make tasks simple.

      User Interface is the gateway through which users interact with your products or services. We’ll make sure their experience is smooth and memorable.

      Delightful experiences have a huge impact on customer satisfaction and brand perception.

      To build your brand bottom-up for online success, our experience design solutions are the right way ahead.

    • Experience Design Capabilities

      “It feels amazing to know that every design I visualize is implemented to create an experience for all users alike.”

      Anthony, Group Head Creative

    • Enterprise Applications

      We adapt web and mobile technology to transform the way you run your business

      Streamline your business activities and systems with architecture and design that eliminate redundant effort and data. Ensure optimal and efficient business operations with our user-friendly enterprise applications that are scalable and fortified by high standards of security.

      Our Service Offerings:

      • Collaboration Tools
      • Service Oriented Architecture
      • Core System Integration

      Platform Implementation

      • Workflow Management Systems
      • Document Management Systems
    • The right Enterprise Application solution can truly revolutionize how you carry out your business operations, and help you achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability. We build technologically sophisticated Enterprise Applications that are customised to your business requirements. Save time and increase productivity with our system integration services that allow multiple teams, across departments and geographies to collaborate and work seamlessly on the same project. Manage data and documents to ensure information access across different functions, without loss or duplication, with our platform management services. With expert business analysts and UI-UX professionals, we create Enterprise Applications that can automate, manage and monitor key business processes to improve efficiency and profitability. While enabling you to do business quicker, easier and better, our approach is detail-oriented, hands-on and agile. As custodians of information and data that’s critical to your business, we assure you best in class security standards while designing, developing, delivering and maintaining your Enterprise Application.

    • Enterprise App Capabilities

      “I empower businesses with robust Enterprise Applications that boost efficiency and profitability.”

      Nikesh, Project Manager – Technology

    • Mobility

      We make sure you’re accessible to your customers; anytime, anywhere

      When your customers turn to their smartphones for help, make sure you’re right there, with the help and information they are looking for. We build branded, intuitive mobile apps and innovations that let you stay close to your customers without intruding their personal space.

      Our Service Offerings:

      • Mobile strategy consulting
      • Mobile app design and development for iOS, Android and Windows
      • App design and development for wearables
    • With the steady rise in the number of hours your customers spend on hand-held devices, a mobile-first strategy is slowly becoming an imperative as opposed to a choice. Many people are discovering the internet and the power of access to knowledge through mobiles, and wearable devices have become your closest touchpoint to customers. As your business adapts to these changing dynamics, we bring you apps for mobiles, tablets and wearables; that create mobile moments of truth for your customers and value for your business. Power meaningful interactions and get closer to your customers through apps that are simple, convenient and elegant because it’s a zero sum game. Your customers are already dependent on their mobiles and every interaction opportunity you miss makes your customer more accessible to competition. To make sure you’re there when your customers need you, we deliver swift, seamless mobile experiences across screen sizes and operating systems. We put customers at the center of the process, eliminate delays in feedback and iteration cycles and never lose track of your business objectives, as we bring you delightful apps that get the job done.

    • Mobility Capabilities

      “I swear by the power of a small screen to be a big window to the world.”

      Sharvari, Android Developer

    • Custom E-commerce

      We create custom e-commerce platforms that are sleek, effective and a dream to manage

      Increase the reach of your products and services by letting customers explore, evaluate, compare as well as purchase them online. Not all businesses lend themselves to a standard online shopping experience. You may have specific needs and challenges while selling online, and that’s exactly where we step in.

      Our Service Offerings:

      • Custom e-commerce consulting
      • UI/UX design and implementation of e-commerce platforms
      • Deployment, integration and management of e-commerce platforms
      • E-commerce analytics
    • Your business may have specific buying processes and steps that aren’t included in standard e-commerce platforms. We help you bridge this gap with custom-built e-commerce solutions to offer your customers a hassle-free online buying experience. Based on your business and retail objectives, our team of UI-UX and technology experts collaborates to design an e-commerce module or platform that’s just right for you. We implement and deliver unique shopping experiences that ensure end-to-end completion of online transactions. What sets us apart is our constant focus on enabling you to achieve your sales and conversion targets, while still creating an experiential transaction environment that’s aesthetic, convenient and secure. Across channels and devices, our customized e-commerce platforms are built to enhance customer experience, integrate with enterprise level solutions and offer analytics to support your business decisions.

    • E-commerce_Capabilities

      “I power custom e-commerce platforms to offer shoppers a world of options and smooth transactions.”

      Surabhi, UI Developer