• Leadership

      Be it e-commerce, interactive sites, intranet sites or online promotions, our team of 120+ professionals is committed to blending the best of creativity and technology, day in and day out.

      We have helped a number of brands to seamlessly navigate an always-connected, digital marketplace and received Indian as well as international awards and recognition.

    • Viraj Sawant

      Viraj Savant, Director

      "Challenge the impossible"

      When in Idealake, Viraj is all about innovating, ideating and constantly attempts to improvise business models for the digital era.

      When not in Idealake, he is absolutely passionate about sports. He is a full time marathoner, trekker, cyclist and a loving father and husband.

      According to Viraj, you should join Idealake because it’s an opportunity to learn new technologies, work on marquee clients and experience brands. Out here, successful talent is rewarded lavishly and sky is the limit.

    • Sudhir Shetty

      Sudhir Shetty, COO

      "One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency."

      When in Idealake, Sudhir is very intuitive about his work and chooses to master different skills, motivate colleagues and manage his team efficiently.

      When not in Idealake, he is passionate about photography, travelling and above all, Artificial Intelligence

      According to Sudhir, you should join Idealake because whether it’s technology, design or brand experiences, you’ll get to work with the latest of all.