Flutter Your Way To Mobile App Development

Prachi Jain

Prachi Jain

Flutter Your Way To Mobile App Development

If you want to select an app development software from among hundreds of developer tools available in the market, does it leave you confused?

You'll see that quickness and ease-of-use are the in things nowadays, when it comes to products or services. For mobile app development too, these hold true.

A software development kit (SDK) that supports you to develop high-performance mobile apps within a short span of time sans any complicated method, would score over its competitors. It is particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses because they have to survive the cut-throat competition while looking at the cost factor too. Read on to know why Flutter technology has gained popularity in the app development sector in these aspects.

Flutter has certain unique features:

Widgets: Compared to React Native, which is one of the most well-known mobile development platforms, Flutter is more advantageous. Its user-friendly UI and widgets for both Android and iOS interfaces allow for greater customization. It works independently without any native system components.

Multi-platform: Using Flutter, create a single codebase for developing, testing and deploying apps from any platform – embedded, website, mobile or desktop, that are iOS or Android enabled.

Reliable: Several well-known brands all over the world including Google, use Flutter, because you can build apps that are responsive, reliable and secure.

Hot reload: This particular Flutter feature enables you to view the changes after you fix a bug, make updates in the UI or create any add-ons in the app. You don't have to restart or execute it multiple times.

Fixing Issues: Flutter uses Instabug that helps in easy debugging, making it convenient for testers and users to send feedback and capture details in case of performance issues. So, don't just develop an app, create a Flutter.