What we offer

We Provide The Solution, Not Just The Service.

User Experience

Driven by research and strategy, we create user friendly and intuitive journeys for your platform.

Enterprise Applications
& DevOps

With scalable applications, your business can experience multi-fold growth across metrics.

Visual Design

Using beautiful designs, we enable higher engagement and superior customer service for your target audience.

Mobile App &
Web Solutions

Responsive and optimised for any device, our platforms use powerful technology and code to help your brand reach customers.

Custom E-Commerce

With engaging e-commerce platforms that are catered exclusively to your business, elevate sales for your products and services.


Cutting-edge and intuitive, our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions bring a human and empathetic touch to your platforms.

Engineering Analytics

Using numbers, metrics and big data, we aim to optimise every platform and digital solution to its finest.

Data-Led CRM For
CLCM Programmes

Boost your customer reach with customised and persuasive emails that prolong Customer Life Cycles.

Cloud Hosting & Managed Services

We prefect your Digital Transformation journey. Our team is proficient and mindful when it comes to setting up deployments along with Managed Services Support.


Get high-level professionals or a team, depending on each tech project developed and deployed by us, to take care of the minutiae details.


Bring your brand’s voice to life with clear copy implemented with a robust strategy.

Brand Differentiation Workshop

With a determined brand key analysis, creating a strong brand presence, we adhere to focus on delivering the finest experience for both you and your customers’.

Our Success

Take a look at our journey of achievement depicted in numbers.

  • 200+
    Transformed Brands
  • 50+
  • 500+
    Completed Projects
  • 22+
    Years In The Game

Our Technologies

Front End Technology

Content Management System

Cloud Technology

Enterprise Application Development & DevOps

Product Development

Front End Technology

Our robust front-end development teams bring life to your platforms by creating the code for their design, structure, animation, colours, interactive elements and more. With front-end technology, we can help enhance user interaction experience, platform efficiency and the aesthetics of your platform for any device.



Extremely intuitive and bolstered with a massive Javascript library, React.js enables to code your website’s interface with multiple interactive elements for higher engagement. Through React.js we can develop and deploy beautiful SEO-friendly websites with total ease.


Developed by Google, Angular.js, in addition to being extremely supportive of components and highly intuitive, provides us with a robust testing mechanism. When we build websites for you, they can be tested in real-time, end-to-end.



Offering rapid testing, a rich library, fast and smooth loading, single codebase and more, we create native applications for your business for any process.

React Native

Let’s you create truly native apps and doesn't compromise your users' experiences. It provides a core set of platform agnostic native components that map directly to the platform’s native UI building blocks.


Using the prowess of web-technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, we leverage Ionic to create native-feeling or native apps on both Android and iOS.

Apache Cordova

Cordova allows combination of web technologies with native platform components, enabling them to create high-performance applications with a native look and feel.

Content Management System

Content Management Systems (CMS) implemented by Idealake help you create, manage and modify all the content including gifs, images, videos, documents and text with the help of a robust and dynamic infrastructure. Our easy-to-use CMS handles every aspect of content creation and management so seamlessly, you won’t have to worry about downtimes, heavy media files or code.

Adobe Experience Manager

Digitally Agile

With speed, scale and security, Adobe Experience Manager allows us to create and upload content that can ensure a smooth end-user experience.

Highly Adaptable

The hybrid CMS features allow us to ensure a seamless delivery to mature and emerging channels on any device, for any platform.

Highly Intelligent

We create content that is catered to your audience with clever user insights, data and a deeper understanding of customer preferences.


User Friendly

Being a low-code CMS, we leverage Sitefinity’s user friendly systems to help create structured content based on your business need. Aggregating or separating content is also flexible due to its content provider model.

SEO Friendly

With Sitefinity, we create and develop key-word rich SEO optimised web pages and URLs to increase your platform’s reach to all your users.

Integration & Import Friendly

With seamless integration offered by Sitefinity, we develop platforms that can import and migrate all your data and content along with media files with zero downtime.

Social Media Friendly

Sitefinity’s social media optimisation allows us to create content and information that can be easily shared rapidly over all your social platforms for added engagement and driving clicks.

Device Friendly

Optimising your platform for every device is crucial to provide the best customer experience. With Sitefinity, optimisation of content for mobile devices becomes easier so we can deliver the best for your users.

Website Security

While developing your website, safety and security is on the top of our mind. This is one of the reasons why we use Sitefinity to make your website hacker and malware proof.


Complete Customization

We use WordPress to create custom websites exactly as per your requirements. Also, the plugins associated with this software enable us to add analytics, forms, and several other advanced features.

SEO Centric

WordPress is highly compatible with Google and several other search engines. So, we use it to divert optimum traffic to your website.

Open Source

Being an open-source software, WordPress is easily accessible and modified. We find it easier to identify and fix the bugs in it if your website develops problems.

Cloud Technology

With big data, comes big responsibility. Idealake partners with leading cloud technology providers that can not only store your precious data securely, but also lets you access and implement it to provide a superior customer service experience.

Amazon Web Services

Ease Of Hosting

A brand new platform or an already existing one, we can help you seamlessly host over Amazon Web Services. AWS allows us to utilise any operating system, programming language, web application platform, database, and other services to help facilitate an easy migration as well.

Secure & Reliable

With end-to-end security and a reliable global cloud-computing infrastructure, we can host your platforms and store data that includes physical, operational, and software collaterals.


To match your demand, we use AWS tools, Auto-scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, along with a strengthened infrastructure to scale your platforms up or down.

Microsoft Azure

Highly Secure

The Azure cloud platform offers over 200 products that lets us build and manage applications securely. Azure also provides complete expert support and is trusted by financial services, governments and the healthcare industry.

Open Source

With Azure’s commitment to open source, we can build, deploy and manage platforms whenever you want, wherever you want.

Seamless & Flexible

Whether at your premises or at the edge, the platforms and applications we build for you can be seamlessly integrated and managed with services designed for hybrid cloud.

Supports Innovation

For forward-thinking and futuristic products, Azure helps us gear up and stay focused on innovation.

Google Cloud Platform

Real-time Data Processing

By deploying the plethora of innovative tools like BigQuery & Google Cloud Dataflow for cloud warehousing, we can make big data accessible for your platforms seamlessly.

Large Scale Users

The applications on Google Cloud Platform provide us with complete support to scale up our teams and deploy them towards projects and platform development with complete ease.

Live Migration

Offering zero downtime during live migrations, Google Cloud Platform allows us to perform live migrations for your services and websites with zero hassles.

Scalable & Secure

Highly scalable and secure, GCP allows platforms to adapt to varying amounts of traffic while we host and maintain them for you.

Enterprise Application Development & DevOps

Our Enterprise Application Development and DevOps platforms can facilitate an entire business process with an integrated approach to developing software applications and hardware systems. During deployment we can also seamlessly facilitate integration of web services, service-oriented architecture, content and business processes.

Simplified Process

Our applications offer you complete control of your business processes allowing for a streamlined and simplified experience and ease of information management. These applications can enable you to manage IT processes and multiple organisation applications simultaneously.

Reduced Cost & Efforts

By bringing all process under one roof with one application, we can help you save on costs and development efforts. Our applications also help employees concentrate on tasks by integrating all of your other applications, thereby reducing time and efforts.

Seamless Integration

Information exchange, application, microservices and any other architecture can be integrated with complete ease to offer you the best experience with your business processes.

Product Development

At Idealake, innovation and research are in our DNA. Over the course of our journey as a leading technology solutions provider, we have had the opportunity to research, develop and deploy products that leverage the power of AI, ML and data science to create a more human experience for your brand.

Smart Search

With Idealake’s proprietary Smart Search, businesses can now achieve a website search that can perform as intelligently as a search engine. Built entirely on Microsoft Azure, the Smart Search uses Natural Language Programming to predict searches, relevance tuning, autocorrect mistyped keywords, and conduct searches activated by voice and text commands. This in turn, reduces a ton of pressure on your customer service agents as the Smart Search enables your user to become fully independent while browsing your products.

Smart Bot

Our AI-powered, cloud based chatbot solution combines the power of deep tech and creative strategy to bring you an intuitive and empathetic product that keeps your user's content and smiling. Implementing Microsoft Azure’s powerful AI, we train our chatbots extensively in Natural Language Programming that lets them respond to user queries, tell jokes, give advice and even seamlessly integrate with your existing customer service departments like live agent, CRM, LMS, call centre, etc also readily available analytics dashboard keeps the bot performance in check.

Enterprise Skill Enhancement Platform

A video content enabling platform for a complete learning/training solution. integrated with simplicity and the backend structure provided by Microsoft, the solution can cater to the different needs of each user, with easy and ready to use configurations making it easy for businesses to build and maintain.

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React Native





Our Clients

Proud to work with clients from Fortune 500 brands and more!

Transformation that has won our clients' trust

  • We’ve had the pleasure of working with the great team at Idealake Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd for the last four years. Idealake collaborated with DSP BlackRock for the designing, development, and maintenance of our star website. This has been possible because of a hands-on approach and involvement of our teams, when it came to ideation and incorporating those ideas.

    Arvind Kumar

    Arvind Kumar

    Manager, Marketing.

  • We have been teaming up with ldealake Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd over the last three years and we identify them as partner. ldealake teamed up with Aditya Birla Retail Ltd. on the project to exclusively design, refine, and preserving of our ideal website. This has been attainable only because of a proactive approach and matching point of views between our teams.

    Punit Dharamsi

    Janet Arole

    Group Manager Corporate, Communication.

  • Working with Idealake Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd over the past three years has been gratifying and we consider them more as a partner. Quantum allied with Idealake, to take our website to a new level. The design creations, the enhancing, and maintenance of our website was all taken care of. The first-hand experience strategy and exchanging of ideas between our teams made it possible to achieve success in the project.

    Zubin Daboo

    Zubin Daboo

    Sr. Manager, Communications.

  • Idealake Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been associated with Reliance Mutual Fund as a development partner. They were successful in the development of the Reliance Mutual Fund website and An Online Trading Application with integration to Karvy Registrar and Transfer Agent. ln both these proposals, we have observed Idealake's Domain expertise and their proactive initiative taking abilities.

    Chandra Gupta

    Chandra Gupta

    CTO, Reliance Mutual Fund.

  • We cannot express our delight and the pleasure of working with the team at ldealake Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd for the last three years. ldealake came together with Axis Mutual Fund for Design, Development, and Online Transaction for Axis Mutual Fund EasyApp and EasySell platform for distributor-initiated transactions. These initiatives have been possible because our teams worked hand-in-hand to bring the ideas to life.

    Sahil Anand

    Sahil Anand

    Assistant VP, Strategy & Initiatives.

  • Working with Idealake Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd over the last three years. We never considered them just as a provider but more as a partner, whom we could depend on. Idealake and HDFC Mutual Fund worked side by side when it came to enhance our Mutual Fund website.

    The application deployed consists of various interactive financial tools, planners, and information which assist the investor to make an informed decision and at the same time educates new investors about the Mutual Fund Industry.

    Sanjay S Kumble

    Sanjay S Kumble

    Assistant VP, Client Services.

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