What is UX Design?


How we approach UX Design?

  • At Idealake, we design simple, delightful customer experiences. With simple, hassle-free experiences every time they connect with your brand, customers stay engaged with your business for longer. Backed by UI/UX expertise and precise customer journey mapping and analysis, we help you power quick and seamless digital experiences across website, mobile and e-commerce platforms.
  • With an understanding of branding, we ensure that each digital experience constitutes building your brand. And our sound knowledge of technology helps us implement these branded digital customer experiences seamlessly, across various platforms and devices.


User-centred Analysis

Our team of UI and UX experts transforms your brand into an experience brand by carrying out usability assessments, defining target audience personas and creating end-to-end digital experiences to engage customers and make tasks simple.

Experience Strategy

User Interface is the gateway through which users interact with your products or services. Delightful experiences have a huge impact on customer satisfaction and brand perception. Our endeavour is to make sure their experience is smooth and memorable.

Visual Design

With exposure and access to world-class digital platforms, your customers have very high expectations from the digital experiences you offer and we make sure you live up to them. Our user experience design services believe in creating new-age designs with visual language which is in harmony with the brand philosophy and client objectives.

Interaction Design

The shift to technology has created many more digital touchpoints and different ways in which customers interact with brands.

Each of these digital experiences defines your brand in the minds of your customers and makes it imperative for you to offer consistent, engaging experiences across various devices and platforms. Our team of experienced visual designers works to convert wireframes into highly intuitive user interface designs.

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