Let’s wrap the Traditional Hunt?


Pooja Chavhan

Let’s wrap the Traditional Hunt?

Recruitment and selection, like every other aspect of business today depends on speed and accuracy, with increasing numbers of qualified applicants chasing a decreasing pool of jobs. HR professionals need to find ways to sort through applications quickly, while accurately selecting the best candidates. The help may come through the use of new technologies, which may speed up the process.

“Gone are the days of elaborate interview rounds and long, stretched hiring processes. Today, professionals holding multiple offers expect quick decisive interactions and are not shy of walking away from offers if they don’t find engagement during the process,” says the survey.

The rise of the gig economy is another strong motivator for professionals to reconsider older, conventional employment models and put their independence, learning, and flexibility into the spotlight. “The pandemic changed everything we know and understand about work. For professionals, the market has never been better to find career-changing opportunities and with remote work becoming mainstream, today professionals are choosing to priorities their next job based on the flexibility it gives them to plan their lives.

Technological trends in recruitment and selection:

Increase in Proactively Engaging Candidates Early: HR attempt to build a professional relationship with candidates to drive them to pursue employment with their organization instead of competitors.

Social Networking Websites: The social media trend has caused such a hype that even organizations want to get onboard and utilize them as a business tool.

Remote Work: Employers offering hybrid or remote options attract more job applicants.

Stronger Benefits: Leaders review their existing benefits packages and adopt new perks to attract candidates.

New Technologies: Tech tools like AI and chatbots will be emphasized, as virtual onboarding continues.

Data-Centric Recruiting: Recruiting and hiring will become more data-driven to reduce the workload on human resource staff.

Factors affecting new trends:

Introducing a new technology in the recruitment process can have many benefits for organizations in the recruitment process but research about this is scarce.

Every organization want tasks to be done which can save time, cost, provide efficient quality, and achieve the required quantity that they want. If the evolving technological trends are maintained properly according to the internal and external factors that influences the technological advancement of the organizations. Then all the organizations will outshine in the successful adoption of the advanced technological trends in the organization.